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As promised, here are the poems, artist features, comics and photo essays we published in August in The Alipore Post Journal, a space for art, poetry, photography and comics.


  1. Artist Showcase: Soumyaraj Vishwakarma

    Soumya lives in Gujarat, India. She is a Fine Arts graduate from MS University Baroda. Currently pursuing her career in visual design. She loves to travel, meet new people and document her experiences in her little sketchbook. Her creations are inspirations from landscapes, music and culture.

    Check out more gorgeous illustrations by Soumyaraj here.

  2. Artist Showcase: Ranji David

    Bangalore-based self-taught painter Ranji David has painted over 500 paintings since the pandemic began, painting every single day. He continued to paint even when his family and he were infected with COVID. Before the pandemic, he had painted for seven years, made 46 paintings and sold only one. Over the last year, he has sold 28 works to eight people from eight different countries.

    See Ranji’s work and know more about his artistic journey here.

  3. Lake City by Bianca Tschaikner

    We're in awe of Austrian artist Bianca Tschaikner’s Lake City, a three-meters-long leporello drawing created during a two months long stay in the city of Udaipur in Rajasthan, India. Udaipur, also called Lake City and known as the “Venice of the East”, is considered one of the most beautiful cities of India. It is a fairytale city full of gorgeous palaces, a labyrinth of lakes and bridges and millions of intricate alleyways leading to mysterious temples.

    Read all about her process of making the illustrated book here.

  4. Sari Series by Rishika Kapoor

    “As an illustrator, having an inquiring mind and a vivid imagination is what keeps me moving. My inspiration comes from here, there and everywhere. For example, my recent pieces are inspired by sarees from Raw Mango. Or a few tint-less old photographs of women from the 1800s, posing in traditional wear and laden with jewellery.”
    -Rishika Kapoor

    See Rishika’s full Sari series here.

  5. Artist Showcase: Collages by Vasundhara Prakash

    “Time has been a running theme, in the middle of all this. There seems to be a strange relationship with it. It feels more visceral than ever before and at the same time blurred, with days merging into each other. But most of all, a sense of the time that we all are losing, of living our lives.

    During this period, I started making digital collages, each one everyday for about fifteen days almost like going through the stages of grief- the sense, mood and the state of mind somewhere started to shift. What started with denial, and an awareness of the fragility of reality is beginning to steer towards surrender, a sort of acceptance of the uncertainty. It’s been difficult to let go of control but that’s something I have just started to sit with and not be so afraid of.”
    -Vasundhara Prakash

    Check out more collages by Vasundhara here.

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Excerpts from the wonderfully diverse poems we published in August:

  1. Illustrated haiku on Love, Intimacy and Erotica

    This Haiku x Art collaboration on Love, Intimacy and Erotica was borne out of a call for submissions from the Instagram handle Happy Ingredients. Sudeepti Tucker and Ravneet Bawa share a unique friendship based on the spirit of curiosity and the soul of recklessness. Together, they pushed the boundaries of their comfort levels with their respective art forms through this project, chuckling late into the night about if it was too risqué or not enough? This project is a manifestation of their charged conversations in what they hope is a first of many.

    Check out all the illustrated haiku as part of this collaboration here.

  2. Lost Atlas by Sunil Bhandari (from City Poems)

    I am tired
    of not loving you,
    tired of my detox regime,
    of continuously redrafting
    our lost atlas of belonging.
    I am tired
    of clinging to a city
    redolent with wet intimations
    of things half-done
    or fully-left.
    I am tired
    of finding you
    in places
    watermarked with
    our senses.
    I am tired
    of knowing certainties
    of what we could have been,
    & the uncertainties
    of what I am.
    I am tired
    of seeing myself
    as a caricature,
    playing dumb charade
    with life ~

    Read more City Poems by Sunil here.

  3. Things I am No Longer Walking Briskly Past by Anupriya Dhonchak

    Habitual ambiguity, casual disinterest/intellectual dispassion-
    Indeterminacy and contingency of texts, of punctuations, spaces/safe spaces.
    I endow, construct, denude and deny meanings
    Sleep over them, weep over them
    clinging to a blanket of unfamiliar wrinkles in the tenses-
    Returning to poetry, thinking of why I left,
    Twisting the doorknob with muscle memory
    Homecoming is a verb, and I have allowed myself to feel it.

    Read the full poem here.

  4. Burning by Tript Kaur

    June flicked a matchstick
    against a crosspatch,
    the fire roared over our fields.
    The stubble has been burning since.

    We plunge knee deep
    into water cannons
    transplant paddy into PDS shops,
    grow basmati more fragrant than Pakistan's,
    less free than a democracy.

    Read the full poem here.

  5. Pseudo-love by Irtika Kazi

    A month after you decided
    I was not enough docile
    For your insinuations

    I was a doggerel in your hand. How
    mellow is the heart of a woman waiting
    for Love to take charge—

    all of it made sense, signs
    of a passade.

    You passing the chalice to parched lips
    And me in sheer silks

    All of it rolls down my cheek
    As if it never was.
    “darling, you're priceless”
    was your jingle,
    All you but ever thought I was

    A twofer.

  6. When mothers die by Gauri Juneja

    It’s one of those cosmic wrongs
    A mother dying
    Being an agent of God and all

    The kind of wrong that
    Cleaves mountains down the middle
    Splits the sky wide
    Sends tides crashing against rocks

    But when it happens
    Amid hushed hallways
    In an island of disinfected whites
    Where nature hasn’t
    the permission to rage

    Read the full poem here.

  7. My Oldest Lover by Kriti Das

    Today I love myself
    A little more vehemently
    With a little less inhibition.
    Without looking left and right.
    I’m right in the middle.
    I strip in broad daylight now.
    The curtains are drawn to let the light in
    It's only happenstance that lets your sight in.

    Read the full poem here.

  8. Lessons for the Damsel by Geetanjali Dhalia

    I was raised to be selfless and loving
    But my first learning wasn’t without an ‘I’ in the alphabet
    I wonder how over the years,
    The world changed so much,
    That my first lessons have suddenly reversed.

    Read the full poem here.

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  1. Heal with Poems

    The Alipore Post has curated a postcard set with 10 poems and illustrations that evoke hope in these difficult times for the Rebuilding Post-Covid India fundraiser on Milaap in collaboration with Compassion Contagion, Pravah and Atypical Advantage for Rebuilding Post-Covid India. Join us in helping vulnerable communities in India fight the impact of Covid-19. Featuring some of the finest poets and artists from the country, we hope this postcard set will help people heal and bring some joy in these dark times.

    Read all the 10 poems with the curated artworks here. To order the postcard set, donate Rs 1500 to the fundraiser and we’ll send it over to you!

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  1. My Altruistic Half by Manu Dubey

    “My sister and I, with contrasting personalities and antipodal ideologies, are both old-school. The story revolves around the same feeling. It shows our shared moments of leisure in routine life and reflects the co-existence of our similarities and differences. My Altruistic Half is a personal narrative of our casual living- uncensored and unsophisticated, where my sister tends to me in so many little ways and even bears with my leg on her while sleeping.

    Personally, I absolutely love moments that are only shared between girls. There's something very special about it. In a group of girlfriends or among sisters, this is very common and we hardly notice the essence of it. But when we do, it's so liberating and I am too grateful to have witnessed and be a part of it.”
    -Manu Dubey

    See the full series by Manu here.

  2. She Sways With Gentle Giants: Farheen Fatima x Mohammad Hussain

    In this makeshift world of hers,
    she sways with gentle giants.

    In this makeshift world of hers,
    giants shroud her with droplets of bliss and bless.

    In this makeshift world of hers,
    she flows amongst streams that fructify emotions.

    Check out the full collaboration between Farheen Fatima x Mohammad Hussain here.

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Hourlies by Laurel Pettitt

“This process offers me the chance to be the most truthful as the hourlies are largely unedited. It also makes me notice what I notice and deem to be important enough to record and communicate. For my creative practice, I’ve trained myself to keenly observe life, waiting for the moments in existence that capture an atmosphere or feeling or light silliness. This could be something a person, animal, object or space does. In the time and format constraints of these hourlies there is much that is left out and it’s interesting what I chose to keep in as memories marking my day. It also makes me wonder if I live differently while going through this process, because it either happens that I do little, in order to draw, or do lots and the unrecorded hours pile up."
-Laurel Pettitt

Check out the full Hourlies comic here.

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Watch this space for the next call for submissions.

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